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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an epoxy stone overlay?

Epoxy is the strongest adhesive made. The epoxy bonds the stones together besides bonding the new surface permanently to the concrete below. GoldenLook uses one of the highest quality epoxy available to contractors, nationally.


What is aggregate?

Aggregate are stones quarried in riverbeds located in Arkansas, Texas, and other southern states. The stone is washed, dried, sorted for size and bagged before we can use it in GoldenLook's epoxy stone overlay system.


How strong is epoxy/aggregate?

GoldenLook epoxy stone system is stronger than concrete and design to strengthen an existing damaged, stained, cracked and chipped concrete surface.

Will it work over grass?

No ... GoldenLook epoxy stone overlay system is a RESURFACING product, meaning it is used to recap an existing concrete surface. It cannot be used over dirt, grass or any surface without a concrete base.


Is it a porous finish?

GoldenLook epoxy stone system  is composed of many small stones heavily coated with epoxy; however, the application is not solid by any means. This is a great advantage to pool and spa owners who prefer a surface which does not puddle.


What maintenance is required?

We suggest that owners hose down their GoldenLook  surface at least once a month. Just as everything else, it does require maintenance. We recommend pressure washing and

re-coating every 2 to 3 years. (We offer a DIY kit for those advance skilled homeowners)


Is GoldenLook non-skid?

Although our GoldenLook  epoxy stone system is porous and does not hold water, we recommend a  non-skid silica sand be applied at the time of installation for areas on an incline, for senior citizens, and for commercial surfaces.


How long does it take?

Most GoldenLook epoxy stone installations are completed in one to two days, depending on the size. The forms are removed the following day with foot traffic permitted immediately. Allow two days before any car traffic on driveways.


Can you mix stone colors?

GoldenLook's aggregate comes in many sizes and colors. Stone colors can be mixed at no charge extra charge; allowing the homeowner a custom color to match or accent their home's décor.


Can you do designs?

GoldenLook  epoxy stone is famous for its many logos and designs. Ask your GoldenLook  sales representative for details, we also have a few photos on past projects that can be found under the "Designs & Logos" section of our gallery.


Can you do commercial jobs?

GoldenLook epoxy stone system is perfect for apartments, auto showrooms, banks, office building entrances, churches, and all other heavily traveled areas. 


What is the cost?

The cost of GoldenLook epoxy stone system is less than slate, marble, terrazzo, flagstone, quarry tiles, brick or pavers. Your estimator will price your project right to the penny. GoldenLook system is a great investment in a quality surface.

Disclosure: GoldenLook Network is not affiliated with any other
“GoldenLook” resurfacing company and does not honor any warranty or estimates offered.

GoldenLook is a product only and offers a network of independent contactors. 
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